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Pawn Credit - Your Advantages

  1. Immediate Payment

    We guarantee you a quick, unbeaurocratic and anonymous pawn credit, which is paid out immediately in cash, or if desired, per bank transfer.

  2. Valuation according to market prices

    The valuation of your possessions is determined by the market prices and by our experts.

  3. Discretion

    Your data is stored company internally. There is no exchange of data with the Schufa or other institutes.

  4. Flexibility

    The extent of the credit is determined together by you and us. The running time is minimum 4 months. An early payback or instalment is possible at any time. An extension of the credit, after the fees have been paid, is guaranteed by us.

  5. No accumulation of debt trap , no warrantors

    The pawn object is solely liable. Different to a bank credit, neither you personally nor a guarantor is liable.

  6. Safe custodianship of your possessions

    The possessions that have been entrusted to us are diligently housed in our vault. Naturally, they are also insured according to the statutory specifications for pawn shops.

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